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Die & Mould Materials and Special Alloys
Cold-work die steels: LD; LD3; 65Nb
Hot-work die steels: Y4; Y10; GR
Non-magnetic die steels: 50Mn; 60Mn; Free-cutting non-magnetic steel YW

Special stainless steels: Austenitic grade-C15, A18, A10; Martensitic grade-940, 940X; Duplex stainless steel; Non-magnetic stainless steel; Precipitation-hardening stainless steel PH13-8Mo, PH15-7Mo, 17-4PH, S45500
Anti-corrosion and high temperature resistant alloys: Nickel; Ni-Cu alloy; Ni-Cr alloy; Ni-Cr-Mo alloy; Fe-Ni-Cr alloy
Solid lubrication: Gear drive; Worm and gear; Oilless bearing; Sliding parts
Surface modification: Surface plasma nitriding; Metallic cementation
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