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Polymer and Composite Materials
Piston seal for hydraulic cylinder: Glyd ring, Stepseal, OK-seal, AQ-seal, SPGW, GD 1000K, V-packings
Rod seal for hydraulic cylinder: Glyd ring, Stepseal, Y-seal, V-seal, Cushion ring

Wear ring for hydraulic cylinder: Guide ring for piston/rod, Wear ring for piston/rod, Wear ring- polyurethane/phenolic resin impregnated fabric

Spring energized seal: Reciprocation seal for piston, Rotary seal for piston/rod, Seal used at high/low temperature, Seal for liquid natural gas/oil exploitation, Face seal
Rotary seal:Rotary glyd ring for piston/rod, Rotary T-section ring for piston/rod, Special shape rotary seal for piston/rod

Modified polyformaldehyde (POM) slide bearing: Lead-free/carbon fiber modified POM, High lubrication modified POM, Modified POM for flange bearing, Wear-resisting POM

Water-lubrication material: Short mineral fiber reinforced water lubrication materials & products, Mixed fiber reinforced water lubrication composite materials & products

Waterborne polyurethane (PU) gloss paint: High polishing gloss paint TG-902, Polishing gloss paint TG-802, Mild delustering gloss paint TXG-1, Severe delustering gloss paint TXG-2
Waterborne PU anionic resin: Mild PU T-502B, Soft PU T-602X, Tough PU T-802X, Hard PU T-972
Nonionic PU: Nonionic PU T-7022, Cationic PU, Cationic PU TA-01
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