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Tungsten Carbide
Superfine carbide series: Slitting saw; Strips for cutting chemical fibers; Precision moulds
Multi-component carbide series: Hip for producing alloy steel fibers; Blank for gear hob cutter; Track switch mill; Rail mill
Carbide mould series: Blanking die; Heading die; Cold extrusion die; Drawing die
Carbide hot-roller for rolling steel wire at high speed series: Carbide hot-roller
Corrosion resistant carbide series: Various corrosion resistant cemented carbide wear-resisting
Non-magnetic carbides series: Non-magnetic wear-resisting

High-quality hard metal rods series: Solid rods; The rods with single coolant hole; The rods with two coolant holes; The rods with blind holes; Other special rods

High-precision hard metal cutting tools series: The welded gun drills for machining deep holes; The solid gun drills for machining deep holes; The twist drills; Card milling cutters; Other special rotational cutting tools
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