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Engineering Ceramics
Silicon nitride products series: Silicon nitride ceramic ball; Ceramic master ball; Silicon nitride plunger

Wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant ceramic series: Wear resistant ceramic lining board; Ceramic plunger; Ceramic parts (balls, columns, plates) for Industrial valves; Full ceramic drive shaft; Ceramic hammerhead

Dense and insulating ceramic support series: Insulating ceramic ring; Fully dense ceramic bushing; Insulation washers; High-precision ceramic thin-wall bobbins (coil frame)

Precision zirconia structural ceramic parts series: Ceramic inlay block for the machine components; Ceramic spray with tiny hole

High-purity alumina (≥99.7%Al2O3) ceramics: High-purity alumina ceramics coil frame; Precision instrument parts (columns, plates, ring, etc.)

Low expansion and resistance to thermal shock composite ceramics series: Ceramic crucibles; Ceramic turntable; Corundum-mullite refractory; High temperature bearing board and push plates

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